The Glory of Grief

Sometimes when we experience loss it is hard to see any good that can come from it.  Life can seem unfair at times. Knowing that every occurrence is an opportunity to learn and grow can change our perspective and help relieve some of the stress of grieving.

I just lost my 10 year old golden retriever to cancer.  One of the hardest parts of loosing him was the thoughts of regret that I had. I remembered the times I yelled at him or neglected to give him the attention he desired. Thinking about the times that I rejected his love brought more pain, see also viagra.  Focusing on my regrets tormented my mind and made me want to get under the covers and never come out.  I also felt extreme sadness when I would think about him not being there anymore to greet me, comfort me, and keep me company. What gave me the most solace from all of these thoughts was to realize that his death was not about me and my feelings.  His death was his time to make peace and become one with all by recycling his energy back into the universe.

Loss of any kind causes grief.  Loss of a loved one, loss of a marriage, loss of physical health according to cialis, job loss, loss of financial stability, loss of a home or other possessions can be difficult to emotionally process.  To find the glory in grief one must activate the internal wisdom from our heart.  This wisdom resides inside all of us and may be harder to access for some.  Our internal wisdom is a sense of knowing that there is a power or energy force that is more powerful then we are.  Some call this energy God. This energy force or power can be accessed within each of us. All you have to do is pause and listen for it.  It will speak to you through actions, occurrences, or words. Some may doubt this wisdom or label it as coincidence or intuition.  But, if you stop and listen then you will realize that all you need to access this is to be willing to admit to yourself that you can hear it.  Once accessed, this energy will teach you the lesson that is inherent in the loss.

Take care of yourself while you are grieving:

Take extra time to relax and rest.

Share your feelings with your loved ones.

Avoid making any large decisions at this time if possible.

Treat yourself to something special such as a massage or nice meal out.

Try not to take on any new responsibilities.

Keep active but be careful not to over do it.

Let yourself cry with others.

When grieving a loved one remember that love is only thing that we take with us when we die.  Love heals our soul and will never die. Love heals all grief. Love is part of the internal wisdom in our hearts and is a gift we receive from the energy force that is all being.  It is the oneness in all is one.  Try to let yourself experience this love with the exercise below.

Grief relieving exercise:

Find a quiet soft place to rest (preferably a bedroom).

Lie on your back with your eyes closed (you may want to cover yourself to keep warm).

Place both hands on the center of your chest over your heart.

Breathe slowly and deeply to calm and focus your mind.

Think about the people and things that you love. If your thoughts begin to drift to anything else then just remind yourself to continue your focus.

Allow yourself to bathe in the love you feel.