Silicone Vs. Saline, How Long Do Breast Implants Last & Alternatives

What is Breast Implant?

To correct the texture and size of the women’s breasts, breast implants are done which is basically a plastic surgery in which the breasts are reconstructed to help the women look more beautiful. The breast implant devices are defined by the help of filler material which is the composite filler, saline solution and silicone gel. This prosthesis is carried with the help of tissue expander device.

Types of Breast Implants

For breast augmentation or correction a few types of breast implants are executed which are stated below:

Silicone gel implants: In this implant the silicone outer shell is filled with silicone gel and these are smooth textured shells which are available in different sizes. This gel feels like human fat. Women should be of 22 years or older for this implant. If it ruptures you will not be able to notice it but eventually the size will be affected and you may experience pain and a surgery may be recommended by the doctor where you can also go for a new implant. Saline breast implants: The saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water. First they are put in proper place and then the liquid is filled. Women who are 18 older can go for this implant. If this ruptures in future, the solution will be absorbed by the body without any serious complications and the breast size will change as well. You would need to remove it or go for another implant. Soya bean oil-filled implants: These implants are no longer available and it is advisable to be removed.

Hydrogel implants: These implants are no longer available. They were removed from the market because of safety issues. PIP implants: These implants are no longer available as they were prone to rupture and contained industrial silicone and not the medical grade filters. It raised incidences of ruptures.

How Long do Breast Implants Last?

As women cannot keep the implants for the entire life, they would need to go for a surgery in future for removing the scar capsule around or for changing the implant. The implants can stay for 10 to 15 years and after that they need to be removed. However, in certain cases, the implants can last for a long time and even for a lifetime. In most of the breast implants rupture is not predictable but if they are then, one would need to pay for the scans.

Alternatives to Breast Implants

Women who go for breast implants may suffer from breast feeding difficulties. The sub glandular implants affect the milk glands and the milk is produced in less quantity. The other alternative to breast implants is the natural breast augmentation where fat from other unwanted areas of the body are transferred to the breast. This is a permanent solution and there is no possibility of rupture or leakage. There is no need of incision in this procedure so the transfer causes no scarring. It will increase the women cleavage, size and volume of the breast.