Keys to Healthy Muscle Building

Resistance training is not just for body builders and high level athletes.  We are going to explore three important keys to healthy muscle building that will make the process as efficient and effective as possible.  The goal is to help you create a stronger, fitter body without having to make a new career of going to the gym.  If you can dedicate 3-6 hours per week you will be amazed at the changes you can make to your body and to your life.

These keys are valid for men or women, young or old, anyone seeking to improve fitness through resistance training.

One of the most common obstacles to a healthy muscle building program is lack of time. With a bit of education this obstacle can be easily overcome. An effective muscle building program can easily be completed in 30-45 minute sessions 3-5 times per week.

Traditional muscle building programs emphasized isolating an individual muscle or muscle group and doing 12-24 repetitions and 3-4 sets for each muscle group. Not only is this a HUGE time commitment, it is also an inefficient way to build muscle.

Exercises that utilize two or MORE of the bodies larger muscle groups during eachrepetition are the smartest use of our exercise time.

When you combine resistance training with a movement that utilizes at least two large muscle groups you areusing the most efficient means to a lean, fit best body. Here are four examples ofmultiple group exercises:

A. Squat/ Straight Arm Shoulder Raise

B. Lunge/ Back Fly

C. Dead Lift/Curl

D. Squat Thrust/Push Up

Each of these exercises works one of the large leg muscle groups and one of the large muscle groups in the upper body during each single repetition. If performed in the correct posture these will also strengthen and stabilize the core muscles of the abs and lower back as well. If you do a bit of research and use a bit of creativity you will find there are endless variations of multi group exercises you can perform to most efficiently develop your best body.