How long does alcohol stay in your system?

Within seconds of the first drink, the alcohol enters the epithelial layer of the skin which is the closest layer to the capillaries. As time passes the alcohol will affect these cells causing, blurred vision and blurred voice.

After 5 minutes of the alcohol entering you’re system, it should be digested but around 10 percent of it will be left in the stomach which will go in through either sweat, saliva or urinating.

After 20 minutes most of the alcohol will be consumed and will have entered the small intestines, followed by the pancreas and liver. Once the alcohol has gone through the pancreas and liver it will be metabolized, this will cause the bloodstream to be much faster than it was earlier before consuming alcohol.

After you stop drinking it is possible for the body’s alcohol level to rise, because all alcoholic beverages do not have the same alcohol level and proof, plus the rate at which you drink plays a factor. Ways to slow down alcohol levels

Eat food while drinking alcoholic drinks.

Drink alcohol slower instead of faster, drinking alcohol fast will not give the body time to digest if fast enough and it will make levels rise quicker causing the user to experience the effects quicker and possible get alcohol poisoning.

Drinking water before, during or after drinking will help slow down alcohol from enter the bloodstream too fast.

Taking vitamins before drinking also helps with hangovers.

Substance Addiction

What is an addiction?

Addiction is when you give up things in order to please your addiction. It starts out they love the way it makes them feel and escalates it to they need it to survive more less. They first start out thinking they have complete control over it. Over time the addiction takes over their brain. After the addiction changes the brain it can cause the person to experience, mood swings, memory loss or trouble making decisions.

Alcoholism Symptoms

You have to drink more to get the same effects as you usually do.

You harm the people around you and yourself.

No control over how many drinks you have.

Take more time drinking and recovering.

Give up activities to drinking.

Being a alcoholic also can harm relationships.

How to help an alcoholic

Whether it be a parent or a loved one addiction is hard to get over.  First step is to get them to admit they have an addiction and  support their recovery as much as possible. The faster the addiction is taken care of the easier it is for them to stop drinking and make a recovery. Find a local drug and alcohol counselor if all else fails so they can get them in to alcohol rehab.

Some things you don’t want to do

Do not threaten them or bribe them

If they are drunk do not argue with them

Do not cover-up their addiction to people let it be known, this is one of the ways an alcoholic will want to get better because they do not want to be known as drug abuser.

Do not feel guilty for their behavior, after all you are not the one who is addicted.

If they try to influence you to join them don’t