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Breast cancer is the second type of cancer that leads women to die. Sitting after lung cancer, the statistic shows that breast cancer chance for bringing women to die is 3%. It means that there is one woman from 36 women dies because of breast cancer. Moreover, one woman from 8 women in the USA is predicted to experience invasive breast cancer in their life. In other words, the chance for breast cancer case is 12% every year. Although the statistic shows that the percentage of new breast cancer cases and death caused by breast cancer is decreased from previous years, women still have to be aware of the risk of breast cancer. Nowadays, understanding about breast cancer is not only the responsibility of the doctors and other health practitioners but also the responsibility of people in general.

Breast cancer is a cancer that grows in the breast and is developed from the tissue of the breast. It can be worse if not given the most effective treatment. When it starts getting worse, the disease spreads to many other organs in our body and cause more complicated symptoms such as serious pain in the bone, difficulties in breathing, and the colour change of the skin.

Understanding about Breast Cancer; The Risk

Breast cancer can be experienced by the following people:
• Female

It goes without saying that most breast cancer patients are female. It means that female have bigger risk to suffer from breast cancer than men, especially if there is a historical record of the same disease in the family.

• People with obesity problem
• People who rarely do physical exercise
• People who drink alcohol
• People who conduct hormone replacement therapy during menopause
• People who suffer from ionizing radiation
• People who get menstruation at early age
• People who have children late or even do not have children at all
• Old people

Understanding about Breast Cancer; The Symptoms

• lump
• skin dimpling
• colour change of the skin
• texture change of the skin
• nipple appearance change
• clear of or even bloody liquid from the nipple

Understanding about Breast Cancer; Diagnose

Breast cancer can be diagnosed easily by considering the symptoms and then doing a microscopic analysis of the sample. The sampling process is done by conducting biopsy of the breast area that is affected by the cancer. It does not require any special lab tests unless the breast cancer is unique. As an anticipation of the breast cancer existence, there is a simple way to test it. Just pull your hands straight above your head, count from one to ten, if you can finish counting without suffering a serious pain in the area around your breast, you can leave your fear because a person who suffers from breast cancer will feel the pain before finishing into ten.

Understanding about Breast Cancer; Prevention

Since women get higher risk of suffering from breast cancer, it is better for them to keep a healthy weight, to do many physical activities and exercises, and to be willing to breastfeeding their baby. One of the most recommended exercises to do regularly is brisk walking. Of course, it should be followed by maintaining healthier lifestyle and eating habit. No smoking and no alcohol will give better influence of keeping away the risk of breast cancer. Also, eating more vegetables and fruits that are healthy and rich of good nutrients for our body will help in preventing breast cancer.