Fitness equipment to have at home

Some people do not like much of the academy provided environment, in which most of the time is a little stuffy, where women end up being more looked so end up feeling embarrassed.

With a long-term result, you invest a lot of money and has limited time to use. So many people get gym equipment which can be installed at home.

Nowadays many famous brands specialize in fitness equipment. Previously there were only machines for aerobic activities such as the treadmill and bike. But today, you can find any unit of the academy for a reasonable price and got it easily.

Fitness appliances in your home


The most purchased device is the classic treadmill, used by people who prefer a walk on the treadmill, which is more effective and burns more calories than walking on the street.

An hour on the treadmill, is three hours of walking. Being the darling of women can have their exercises performed in front of the television, listening to music and even while you talk with others.

Bike Exercise

Another of the purchased equipment is stationary bike or spinning, which also burns more calories than biking on the street. Known for being one of the aerobic training that most define legs and butt, the spinning is also very practiced by women.

Weight station

Being an extremely versatile device, known to be the most that offers possibilities for training, weight training station is a great fitness equipment to have at home.

In it you knit many body parts like the biceps, back, legs, buttocks, triceps and chest, and can perform the bench press, the handle, stroke and others.


Other major appliances and versatile to have at home are dumbbells, ankle weights, washers and other weights that can be integrated into various exercises.

They can also be used to assist aerobic exercises like squats, push-ups, sit-ups, running and walking, and are used to enhance the weight training exercises and other devices such as treadmill.

The dumbbells, shin guards and others, can be uploaded anywhere, that is, when you are traveling, you need not do without working out

Bench press

An important device especially for men, is the bench press. Very performed by bodybuilders, the bench press opens the chest, mesh back and the entire length of the arm, biceps and triceps.

It is a very specific device, but is preferred by most men and is one of the cheapest to have at home, can be purchased ready or mounted, as it consists only in a dumbbell and their weights to the accompaniment of a stool.


Another excellent choice of these devices to have around the house is the mini trampoline jump, which is undoubtedly aerobic exercise that burns more training for calories, and is also known for having one of the liveliest classes of the academy, as there are always music and choreography often, not to mention the trampoline is very cheap and versatile

Punching bag

This instrument will make you sweat a lot, burn calories, and often able to discount the stress of day-to-day in a way that makes it enjoyable, is not it?

The gym equipment to have at home are perfect for anyone who has a busy life and want the perfect body, but it is important to always remember to consult a personal trainer and nutritionist to accompany your training routine for you to have a perfect body without losing health.

But remember to maintain good nutrition and orderly routine are essential for those seeking good shape and health.