Changes You Need To Make When Living with Type 2 Diabetes

The most widespread kind of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes. In this type of diabetes, dangerous levels of sugar can accumulate in your blood. This is a serious problem which requires to be dealt with quickly. Therefore, it is of vital importance the blood sugar level be carefully controlled in order to manage diabetes. But living with type 2 diabetes shouldn’t be hard.

Living with type 2 diabetes calls for making some necessary changes in your life style. Usually, upon the first diagnosis patients are told to improve their diet, exercise more and lose some weight. All of these actions have shown to have a positive influence on blood glucose.

Healthy Eating: You’ll have to make necessary changes in your eating habits but with little planning you can still have your favorite foods in your diet plan. Make sure to eat different kinds of food; don’t focus on eating just one type of food. Plan your meals throughout the day and do not skip them.

Losing Weight: Losing a mere 10-15 pounds can make a great difference in living with type 2 diabetes. But, be sure to talk to your doctor before you start dieting.

Exercise: Ask your doctor about the activities you should look into. Your options include aerobics, stretching, yoga and strength training.

Medication: Your doctor may prescribe medicines to help get your blood glucose within the target range. Ask your doctor about any possible side effects of taking the medication and if it will cause problems with any other medication which you are taking. The best effect of the medication can be seen if you make changes in your lifestyle.

Check your blood sugar regularly: Purchase a blood glucose meter and start checking your blood sugar at home. Note down the date, time and blood sugar reading in a separate logbook which you can share with your doctor if need be.  Ask your doctor about the best times to check your blood glucose. Living with type 2 diabetes can be scary but if you take the proper precautions and become proactive in treating the illness, there is nothing stopping you from living a long healthy life.