Cause of Male Infertility, Fertility in Delhi

The couple who are unable to conceive a child for more than one year after regular unprotected sexual intercourse comes in the category of infertility couples. Infertility can occur in both, male or female. According to the research, about 15% couples are unable to deliver their own child and meet with failure in attempting their first pregnancy. In about half of these couples, Male Infertility plays a great role.  And not able to conceive a child for long time can be stressful and frustrating for the couples, as being parents is one of the most unique and calming emotion that is unable to express in words. There are so many causes of infertility in humans like in women infertility of eggs and in men infertility of sperms are the main reasons behind it.

Generally females are blamed in the couples for the reason of infertility, only some of the people are aware of this fact that in more than 30% of all the cases, male infertility is the main reason. The causes of male infertility are smoking, abuse alcohol, misshapen or immobile sperm, injuries or some chronic health problems. But there may be not some defined symptoms of male infertility, as inability to conceive a child and some problems with sexual functions are the only symptoms of this.

But with the help of advanced technology, this problem has also a solution. As female infertility can be cure by some treatment, male infertility can also be cured by the same. The diagnosis of infertility begins with some medical test and physical exam under the treatment experts. These tests include some blood test, genetic issues and hormones imbalance, which helps to know about the exact cause of the infertility in male. There are various treatments available to cure infertility in males. If there is a normal infection found in male which cause infertility, than Antibiotic treatment is given. Sometimes doctors also recommend hormones replacement and medication, in case of infertility where a low level of hormones Causes Male Infertility. In some cases male infertility can’t be treated and it’s impossible to become a father of a child. In that case, doctors recommend using sperm from a donor or to adopt a child.

For preventing infertility, males need to take proper diet and food contains several kinds of vitamins especially Vitamin A as well as Vitamin C along with minerals like Zinc sulphate. Caffeine must be avoided, spicy foods that are made up of too much spice and oil are strictly not recommended to those males who sketch to turn out to be fathers in near future.