A Proper Diet Will Contain the Disease

People suffering from prostate cancer will most often complain of loss of appetite due to feeling sick as a result of the treatment they are undergoing or, because their mental condition is depressed. Diet has been always considered to be associated with the prostate cancer developing in patients and, is a very common cause in Western countries and pretty rare in Asia as well as Japan. This may be due to the Western diet containing a lot of animal saturated fats and being low in soy content. Soy can be useful and, should be included in a prostate cancer diet as it will benefit as well as prevent prostate cancer. It can also be useful in the treatment of prostate cancer and it is believed that consuming soy five times a week can lessen by 65 percent the onset of prostate cancer. In addition, drinking soy milk once a day, at the very least, will enable persons to reduce by seventy percent the risk of developing prostate cancer; s
o, a prostate cancer diet should include soy as one of its ingredients.

Foods That Should Be Included in Your Diet

Another food that can be safely be made part of prostate cancer diet is selenium that has the capability of boosting the body’s antioxidant capacity and, selenium is thought to be able to control damage to cells and thus prevent a person from developing prostate cancer. According to studies, a prostate cancer diet including selenium will enable the person’s immune functions to be enhanced and, it plays a significant role in containing prostate cancer. In fact, a person with high levels of selenium would be half as likely to develop prostate cancer as those with lower levels.

Also, a prostate cancer diet should also include vitamin D and it should also be rich in garlic and, having plenty of fruits and vegetables would also help. The prostate cancer diet may also include whole grains; controlled amounts of dairy products as well as calcium are other ingredients that will prevent the growth of prostate cancer. In fact, if a person consumes too much of milk it would put him or her at risk of developing prostate cancer. The same is the case with those that consume high amounts of calcium and, so one should control the quantities consumed and make sure to have lower levels of calcium. It is safe to take three daily servings of dairy products especially in the case of children, teenagers and adult women.